Sundays are frequently used to meet up with friends, make up for lost sleep, and get over a night of drinking.

Sunday scaries

But by Sunday afternoon, many of us experience what is known as the "Sunday scaries," a feeling of extreme dread and anxiety.

Sunday Scaries- afternoon

Sunday Scaries- Saturday

It's not strange that Sunday scaries occur so frequently. After all, according to research, Sunday is our least happy day of the week, with Saturday being the highest point.

The Sunday scaries can occur for a variety of causes, and a significant one is how you spent your Sunday.

Causes of Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries- Laptop

For instance, even if it is for enjoyment, staying indoors all weekend and using your laptop is usually not a good idea.

According to research, those who spend much time on their laptops experience generalized anxiety.

Sunday Scaries- research

Sunday Scaries- experience 

Many people also experience the Sunday scaries as a result of the task they abandoned on Friday.

The social overload that occurs throughout the weekend may also contribute to the Sunday scaries.

Sunday Scaries- Social Overload

Sunday Scaries Prevention

Preventing Sunday scaries from occurring in first place is a best method to get rid of them. This implies making an effort to complete any duties you have before the holiday.

If you experience Sunday frights but are unsure of what is triggering them, set aside 20 minutes to write down your most honest feelings and ideas.

Sunday Scaries- feelings