Supreme Court curbs EPA's Power to fight climate change

On Thursday, Supreme Court restricted the Environmental Protection Agency's power to control the emission of greenhouse gases from powerplants.

This is a major misfortune to the Biden administration's struggles to tackle climate change.

This judgment affects the federal regulatory authority in other areas' climate policies and in the ruling on the employee and internet safety.

Thursday's decision will give a shockwave throughout the federal government, covering any government agency's actions without Congress's express approval.

The judgment was 6:3. Judge John Roberts drafted a conservative majority opinion, which was rejected by three liberal judges.

"Our precedent counsels’ skepticism toward EPA's claim" that the law "empowers it to performs devise carbon emissions caps based on a generation shifting approach," Roberts said.

Later, 22 states, environmental groups, and other stakeholders challenged the repeal of the new rules and the Clean Power Plan.

However, 19 states (mostly belonging to GOP) and coal companies responded to the Trump administration's action and stepped in to help.

The ruling of the SC to bound the EPA's powers goes against climate experts' warning that urgent action is needed to avert the severest results of the climate crisis.