Tesla had to suspend distributions of some Model Y cars manufactured at Gigafactory Berlin.

Tesla pauses some Berlin-built Model Y deliveries

The Tesla management told to buyers that there were some issues with the electric motor.

Tesla Model Y  Electric Motor

Model Y- Gigafactory Texa

The increased production capacity at Gigafactory Texas and Gigafactory Berlin is arguably Tesla's biggest project today.

These mega factories can cost billions of dollars to operate before automakers can achieve mass production at these facilities.

Model Y- Made in Germany 

According to different Tesla buyers, the company is postponing the delivery of vehicles Made in Germany (MIG) that are actually planned to be marketed at the end of June.

At the start of this month, Tesla verified that Gigafactory Berlin has generated 1k Model Y vehicles for the first time in a week. This was a vital landmark for the company.

Model Y Electric Motor

According to various customer reports to Electrek and European Tesla, bulletin boards indicate that the electric motor issue only affects the Model Y performance version.

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