TikTok has verified that some specific workers outside of the United States have access to US user information. 

TikTok CEO Officer Shou Zi Chew said, Chinese workers who have gone through multiple internal security protocols can now approach specific info about American TikTok users.

He added more that this data didn’t share with the China government and is subject to "strong cybersecurity controls."

The social networks said they are working with the American administration to improve the data security of information.

This new project is known as “Project Texas.” It physically stores American people's information in a data center on US servers maintained by software giant Oracle Corp.

TikTok is also trying to shift its platform to Oracle's cloud setup. This means that US users can access and deploy applications and algorithms from national data centers.

On 27 June, different senators and all Republicans wrote a letter cited that a Chinese corporate engineer accessed the US user data from TikTok.

The congressman wrote in the letter that TikTok and other similar companies “are using their access to a treasure trove of US consumer data to surveil Americans.”

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