On 8 June 2008, the Akihabara massacre incident occurred in the Akihabara shopping mall in Tokyo, Japan.

Akihabara Massacre

The government of Japan has hanged a man who attacked a stabbing rampage in 2008.

On 8 June 2008, Tomohiro Kato drove a truck into a busy shopping street in Tokyo and went on a stabbing rampage where he injured ten people and killed seven others.

Tomohiro Kato executed the most terrible mass murder in the recent history of Japan.

At the age of 25, Kato drove a truck into a crowd of pedestrians at lunchtime in the shopping district of Akihabara, murdering three people.

He was caught by police at the scene and later pleaded guilty to cyberbullying charges in a resentment trial.

His crimes flashed many wonders in Japanese society at the time about indiscriminate killings, the fallout from the internet, and the lack of help for young people's mental health.

According to the Japanese media report, Mr. Kato was executed in the Tokyo Detention Center. The death penalty was used for the first time in the country this year.

Despite widespread criticism from national and international human rights groups, Japan remains one of the few developed countries to use the death penalty.