In a post shared from Tony Dow's verified Facebook account Tuesday morning, Tony Dow, a famous director and actor, had died. But later, his management removed the post.

Tony Dow

Dow’s best friend Judy Twersky said he was alive at 3:30 p.m. ET while speaking to Dow's wife, Lauren Dow.

Tony Dow- Twersky

Tony Dow- Lauren Dow

He is still alive and getting hospice care, Lauren Dow said to Twersky. Dow wasn't sure why the management team of her husband released such a post.

Dow became a star at the 12 when he starred in the soon-to-be-smash sitcom “Leave it to Beaver”.

Tony Dow- sitcom

Tony Dow- suburbs

In this role, he facilitated raising a nuclear family in the suburbs and became known to millions of viewers. The show was on-air from 1957 to 1963.

Dow said he had undiagnosed stress from age 20 to 40 and has been speaking out about mental health issues for decades.

Tony Dow- mental health

Tony Dow- speaker

He was the honorary speaker at the National Depression and Manic-Depressive Association in 1993.

Dow told CBS that he tackled when he was diagnosed and started treatment. He also turned that hope into art, creating a glamorous piece in his studio.

Tony Dow- CBS

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