Tuesday's Jan. 6 Hearing  

The ex-President Donald Trump, realized that there was no proof a rigged election had been extended, and his close advisers have also repeatedly told him.

His close people also repeatedly urged Trump to resign after the Electoral College voted in mid-December to verify the victory of Biden in 2020.

However, Trump made a crucial decision in the early hours of December 19, a few days after voters voted, choosing the path that directed to the Jan. 6 uprising.

This is due to the testimonies and evidence offered by the witnesses at the 7th hearing of the committee on Tuesday, Jan. 6.

Cheney said that Trump is probably better than anyone in US, but that he had an approach to collect enough information that suggests widespread cheating allegation in election were untrue.

Chaney also warned at the end of last hearing that witnesses could be tampered with and gave up at end of the hearing when Trump attempted to contact a witness who had not yet seen in the hearings.

There are many such spectacular things, but here are three points from the hearing: 1) The explosive December 18 meeting was the twisting point that sparked the Jan. 6 uprising.

2) That tweet significantly influenced the mobilization of right-wing activists and became the revolutionary army of Trump.

3) The relationship with Trump is expanding, but direct proof of coordination between Trump and extremists was hard to find.