Tyler Sanders

Tyler Sanders was a famous American internet personality, media face, model, and actor. He was famous due to his effort in famous series and movies. 

On 25 February 2004, Tyler was born in Texas, United States. On 16 June 2022, he was founded dead in his Los Angeles home.

Tyler Sanders date of birth 

Age of Tyler Sander

Tyler Sanders was 18 years old. He was Christian.

The death of Tyler Sanders is now being treated as a suspected overdose at his death time; sources told TMZ.

Tyler Sanders Cause of Death 

According to sources, Tyler used drugs badly in the past and also told that police found white powder and a plastic pen in his room.

He was frustrated as he started filming “9-1-1: Lone Star.” At the funeral, Tyler's father repeated his own words and spoke about how Tyler's brain was connected to places where he didn't feel happy.

His death toxicology report will come in four to six months; the coroner will determine Taylor's official cause of death.

The parents of Tyler Sanders are Greg Sanders and Cindy Sanders.

Tyler Sanders Parent

Tyler Sanders Net Worth

The net worth of Tyler was about $1.5 million at the time of his death.