The Uber leaked documents reveal how Uber begged for famous politicians and how it evaded justice.

The leaked documents show how Uber garnered support by carefully idolizing the media moguls, oligarchs, billionaires, presidents, and prime ministers in a violent global backlash.

Uber Leaks

According to a united media poll released on Sunday, in 2013-2017, Uber apparently tried to foyer politicians like Biden to support the ride-sharing company in its "bare-knuckled global expansion."

Leaked information suggests Uber administrators didn't have ideas about the illegal activities of the company, joking that they've become "pirates" or admitting that “We’re just f**king illegal.”

The file cache spanned between 2013 and 2017. It has over 83,000 emails, over 1k other files, WhatsApp messages and iMessages, and open messages between Kalanick and his executive team.

The Uber documents were leaked to the Guardian and distributed to many media organizations, including an international consortium of investigative journalists and BBC Panorama.

These leaked documents reveal for the 1st time how a $90m-a-year promoting and public relations effort engaged friendly politicians to support its movement to interrupt the taxi industry of Europe.

The brutal business approach of Uber is very famous, but 1st the time, the Uber leaked documents offered a unique insider's look at Uber's efforts to make it happen.

At that time, Uber was the fastest-growing company in the world. It was also a most controversial company, suffering from lawsuits, allegations of data breach outrages, and sexual harassment.