The US is sending more accurate rocket systems and thousands of artillery shells to Ukraine as part of a new security support program.

US Fighter Jets

The $270 million United States commitment, which is 16thafter the Russian invasion of Ukraine, highlights the addition of 4 HIMARS, every with a range of approximately 70km.

The Ukrainian army positioned at least eight HIMARS on the front line during the battle with the Russian army, while the other four are in the way or on the ground.

With the newest effort of America, the total number of HIMARS will be 16. Furthermore, Ukraine has positioned six long - and medium-range rocket systems from Germany and Britain.

According to the defense ministry of Russia on Friday, Russian forces had destroyed four US-made HIMARS in a recent battle.

However, the Ukrainian and United States administrators rapidly dismissed the claim as nonsense, not because of a lack of effort by Russia.

Contradictory assessments from the US and other Western countries, Russia's defense ministry claimed on Friday that Ukraine "is suffering considerable losses of armament."

Russian officials’ administration held to show confidence that Ukrainian troops would eventually surrender.

The foreign minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, has also pressurized to enlarge the scope of so-called military special operations in Ukraine if the West keeps up arming Ukrainian troops.