US Independence Day 2022 

The 4th July celebrations commemorate the United States Declaration of Independence, signed by the founding father of the United States.

After two worst years of the COVID-19 pandemic, American independence celebrations are coming back to their original track.

The 4th of July contains an unusual room in the American's hearts. 4 July 2022 represents the 246th anniversary of the formation of the US.

America Independence Day- 4th of July

The fourth of July marks a vital national holiday in the US and marks the liberation of the 30 American Colonies from British rules.

US Independence Day- 30 American Colonies

This trend of praising the 4th July goes way back to the eighteenth century when the Second Continental Congress in America passed the Declaration of Independence.

On 2 July 1776, 12 of the 13 colonies formally made a decision to leave Britain and asked for freedom through votes by the Continental Congress.

US Independence Day- Continental Congress

In 1607, the British Territory established the 1st permanent American colony at Jamestown, Virginia.

US Independence Day- 1607

Before independence, all thirteen American colonies followed the British rules and had to pay heavy import duties on goods like spirits, tea, coffee, and sugar.

The celebration of 4th July 2022 will also include an exclusive Space City Experience to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Johnson Space Center of NASA in Houston.

US Independence Day- 60th anniversary