China warns of possible military action when an US aircraft carrier, three warships, and 2 amphibious assault ships with secrecy warriors are functioning in waters near Taiwan.

According to US Naval Institute News, the three ships are the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, the USS Tripoli, and the USS America.

An official said that the three ships are conducting normal operations but could linger as a contingency option.

Japan-based Reagan functioning in the Philippine Ocean, having recently operated in the South China Sea.

According to the Pentagon, the United States is in the East China Sea, with Tripoli south of Okinawa, pointing to the Ocean Tracker and US Navy News Fleet.

Tripoli is transporting up to 20 Marine Corps F-35Bs.

US warships are operating normally in the region and are not positioned as protecting military assets amid rising US-China tensions.

China renewed its warning of viable military activity if Pelosi tour Taiwan as part of a visit to Asia, On Monday.

China Warns the US about the Visit of Pelosi to Taiwan