VMware Fusion Tech

VMware declared this week that the current update to VMware Fusion creates Windows 11 support for Silicon Macs for Intel and Apple.

As a free tech preview, the 2H22 model of Fusion will eventually permit users of Apple Silicon Macs to use Windows and download on their computers through virtualization.

VMware Fusion Tech Preview

VMware Fusion Tech- Windows 11

Characteristics of Windows 11 support with installing VMtools, networking, and 2D GFX for Windows on Apple silicon machines, and improved Linux support on Apple silicon.

Some more features are given below: 1) Windows 11 on Intel and Apple Silicon with 2D GFX and network 2) Universal Binary 3) Improved Linux support on M1

VMware Fusion Tech Features

4) Fast encryption 5) Fast encryption 6) 3D Graphics HW Acceleration and OpenGL 4.3 in Linux VMs*  7) VMtools installation for Windows 11 GOS on M1. 8) Virtual TPM device

The new feature was developed with Windows 11 in mind, but VMware says the tool may also be utilized with other virtual machines.

VMware Fusion Tech- virtual machine

VMware Fusion- Apple silicon devices

Now, Fusion on Apple silicon devices is "yet in development" and has some drawbacks to be informed.

1) Fusion will not support current VMs across diverse architectures. (I.e., no x86_64 VMs on ‌M1‌ Macs). 2) macOS virtual machines are not included in this release but are being worked on.

VMware Fusion- new features

VMware said it is taking user reactions to fix issues and add new features in formulation for more formal support after this year.