The What We Do in the Shadows vampires have reunited for Tuesday's season 4 premiere, and there is even new family addition.

What We Do in the Shadows

We pick up a year later. The Vampire House on Staten Island is in ruins, with bright lights and crazy branches growing.

What We Do in the Shadows Season 4 Review  

Laszlo is there to watch the HGTV marathon and take care of now-naughty newborn Colin Robinson. Nadja showed up at their door and slapped Laszlo for abandoning her on a trip to London.

She's over it, and they're in a hurry to have sex, but Nandor interrupts them, and he is back too! He is happy to return home, but the house is so devastated that it soon collapses.

Nandor explained that his epic journey only led to Fresno, traveling across the country with a lovely family in Wisconsin and missing his ancestral home.

They wanted Guillermo to keep it clean because the house was in such bad shape, and when prompted, Nadja opened a shipping box to expose Guillermo!

They will need money to fix the house, a problem because Colin Robinson always controlled the finance.

They contain his ATM card and ask Baby Colin for a PIN, but he lists many numbers. The other vampires are not sure, but she yells, and they succumb.

So, they made their way to the local Vampire Council headquarters, where the leader waits for them and publicize that they are starting a nightclub... at the headquarters!