On 9 August, WhatsApp publicized multiple new privacy-related updates. According to WhatsApp, the user can review his/her message without others knowing.

WhatsApp Updates

WhatsApp will also provide you to stop others from taking screenshots of a certain message, control who can see your online status, and exit a group without reporting the whole channel.

With over 2B users worldwide, WhatsApp is owned by Meta, the parent company of Facebook (FB).

This platform has long pushed its use of end-to-end encryption, meaning only the receiver and sender of a message can get its content.

Like other private communication platforms, the WhatsApp user can send messages that may disappear after a specific time.

But in 2021, the platform came under inspection after updating its terms of service.

A million users criticized the new terms of service-related update that described what is distributed with parent company FB, which has a bad status for keeping users' data.

This new update directed many users to Signal and Telegram, which are also famous encrypted messaging platforms.

On 9 August, WhatsApp introduced 2 new features, including ability to take who can see you as active and the ability to leave groups silently, which will be available to all WhatsApp users this month.

According to WhatsApp, the screenshot blocking tool will be available for single messages is still being tested and will be available after a short time.