Petanque is a game in the boules sports category, along with Crown Green Bowling, Lawn bowls, Boule lyonnaise, Bocce, and Rapha.


The term Petanque comes from the word that means to keep your feet on the ground. Traditionally, in games played with Petanque balls, the participants could take a turn before throwing their boule.

Petanque- ball

Petanque is all about getting the ball closer to the goal than your opponent after all the balls have been thrown. This is accomplished by rolling the ball near a small target ball.

At start of 20th century, Petanque was 1st played in Provence region of France and is said to have helped a friend who could no longer walk but desired to play a game of boules.

Petanque History

Petanque- Europe

In some previous years, Petanque has become increasingly popular in many countries, particularly in Asia and Europe.

Google Doodle's latest game lets you try a version of Petanque online from your computer or phone. The game is spuriously simple.

Petanque- Google Doodle

Petanque- trick

The trick is that all aspects of the mouse/ touch motion are taken into account to get the ball rolling.

Shot speed changes how far the ball flies, and where you release the mouse or touchscreen controls the height of the shot.

Petanque- Shot speed

Petanque- Google

Google released its 1st multiplayer Doodle in 2018 to celebrate Halloween and another in 2019 to praise the Mexican card game Lotería.