M2 MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air model with its new M2 chip is very controversial in the market.

The main reason for the successor to the M2 MacBook Air is its new design along with the M2 chip.

Apple new M2 MacBook Air

M2 MacBook Air-Experts

After MacBook Air M2 introduction, tech experts and public have all said that the new machine's base configuration should be avoided due to serious performance-related problems.

Apple’s MacBook Air model costs $1,199 contains an 8-core GPU, while the advanced model contains a full ten-core GPU.

M2 MacBook Air- GPU

M2 MacBook Air- M1

Apple didn't discuss that when they showed off the new MacBook Air at WWDC. The company assured 18 percent better graphics performance than the M1.

The 8-core GPU models have lower performance benefits than the 7-core MacBook Air M1.

M2 MacBook Air- Benefits

M2 MacBook Air- SSD

The new MacBook Air M2 also has an SSD problem. The base model only has SSD storage of about256GB. This alone is offensive to consumers and costs nearly $1,200.

The slow SSD combined with 8GB shared storage is really a performance bottleneck, making it even slower for tasks like file transfers than the MacBook Air M1.

$1199 M2 MacBook Air

The $1199 M2 MacBook Air also doesn’t have a fast charger. The company adds a 30-watt base charging brick in this model, but the updated model comes with a 35-watt dual charger.