When you reach into your cutlery locker and cut up an avocado for your morning avocado bread, consider twice about which knife you hold.

Don't use a giant butcher knife to cut through the avocado's creamy flesh.

Avocado- Butcher Knife

Avocado- Metal Knife 

The most ordinary kitchen mistakes the home cooks are making to cut the avocado with a metal knife.

When cutting avocados, a metal knife for a ceramic or plastic knife makes a massive difference in avoiding the dreadful brown spots.

Avocado- Plastic Knife

Avocado- Brown Color

Everyone knows that avocado begins to turn brown if left out in the air for too long.

Cutting the avocado with metal knife accelerates browning process; this is particularly unacceptable if you want to use half of the avocado now and the second half after a while.

Avocado- Browning

Avocado- Guacamole

Browning may not be as important if you plan to use the whole avocado immediately or if you are forming a pureed dish like guacamole.

Allrecipes says the stainless-steel knife has iron and copper; these metals trigger avocado enzymes, causing the flesh fruit to change brown in the existence of oxygen.

Avocado Enzymes

Avocado- Spoil Prematurely

Cutting the avocado with a metal knife activates the browning process and can cause the avocado to spoil prematurely.