Yosemite Park fire

Officials said the fabled giant sequoia in Yosemite National Park temporarily avoided major damage as firefighters worked to divert increasing wildfires away from the tall trees.

The 2,044-acre Washburn Fire expanded over the weekend, engulfing Yosemite's Mariposa Grove, home to more than five hundreds massive sequoias.

The firefighting team arranged air and ground protection measures over the weekend such as fixing a sprinkler system to control the ground 209-foot Grizzly Giant sequoia around the park.

According to Johnson, firefighters near sequoias also eliminated dead logs, trees and scrub to clear safety "doughnut hole" in the region.

According to Yosemite spokesman Scott Gediman, construction inside the perimeter, the historic Galen Clark Lodge, was covered in a safety foil.

Gediman explained, the fire that burned about 5 miles south of Wawona Township on Sunday could be vulnerable by "spotting," as sparks travel through the air and burn other trees.

However, the management has been wrapped a cabin in foil and an installed sprinkler system in the forest.

According to InciWeb, dry and hot weather is expected to continue for remaining days of the week and the fire to spread aggressively, although scarring from previous fires could reduce its intensity.

The park's south entrance has been closed to visitors, and park officials emptied and shut the Mariposa Grove and southern Wawona area of the park. The remaining part of the park will remain open.